Frequently Asked Questions

What formats of the forms are available?

We provide forms in either Word, RTF and PDF formats.

Why are there different versions of the same type form available?

Providing several versions of the same form type allows the user to select a form that better suits their needs.

Are all .pdf forms fillable?

No. Most of the forms are fillable, but there are selected pdf forms that are not fillable. Most of these forms are forms that are better printed and completed by hand.

What is a form field in the Word format and how are they used?

Form fields in a Word document are fields or blanks that can be completed by using tabs to select the field to be completed. Most forms that contain form fields are also locked, which means that the form cannot be modified. It can only be completed. This feature is commonly used in official forms and other forms that are not to be modified by the user. You should be able to unlock the forms in Word 2016 and above. If not, please contact us.

May a user request a form be added that they cannot find?

Yes. The user may use the Request Forms link and provide the name of the form needed.

How do I see all forms under a particular category?

You may browse forms by category from your account page. Also, after you conduct a search, click on the category name displayed in the breadcrumb.

What are descriptions and law summaries?

After you click on a form title, you will be taken to a detail page. For most forms, the detail page contains information about the form, such as form category, and a description. The description is a brief statement about what the form contains. Law Summaries are also available for selected forms. Law Summaries are generally statutory law that may relate to the form. You may also check the legal definitions for information about a particular matter. You should check your State laws for the most current laws.

What are "Court Samples"?

Court Samples are actual pleadings and documents filed in actual court proceedings, or official recording offices and are public record. They are presented to provide examples of legal forms being used in your State. The forms are identified by the word "Court Sample" on the detail page after you click the form title.

How do I download the form to my computer?

Locate the form you need and click on the title of the form. This will take you to the detail page. The detail page contains information about the form. Look for the word "Download". Next to "Download" you will see the formats of the form available for downloading. Click on the format you need. Depending on how your computer is configured, the form will either open or you will be prompted to save or open the form. If you save the form, be sure to note the location where the form is saved on the hard drive.