Oil and Gas Forms: Kane'sTM Forms

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FormsPass® is pleased to offer our specialty subscription to Kane's FormsTM. These online legal forms are provided directly from the author.

As additional forms are created, this subscription will grow. Your annual subscription includes all updates and additions.

The Oil and Gas Forms from Kane's FormsTM have been actively used in thousands of oil and gas transactions since 1989.

This resource is highly valued by independent landmen, oil and gas company land and legal departments, lawyers, land owners, mineral owners, and royalty owners from all oil and gas producing states.

As natural resources continue to increase in value, these documents are in essential to protect rights of use and limit potential losses.

Kane's FormsTM are written in plain English, avoiding legalese as much as possible and making these forms esay to revise and read. Please take the time to review the forms listed in the subscription link.

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