Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the "Preview" link on the detail page?

This link is to allow you to quickly see a preview of the form in pdf format without taking the time to download every form you find within your area until you find the form you need.

The "Preview" link also opens in a new window, making it easier and faster to preview forms you may need.

Why are there different versions of the same type form available?

Different people have different desires in what they want a form to include.

Providing several versions of the same form type allows the user to select a form that better suits their needs.

Are all .pdf forms fillable?


Most of the forms are fillable, but there are selected pdf forms that are not fillable.

Most of these forms are forms that are better printed and completed by hand.

What is a form field in the Word format and how are they used?

Form fields in a Word document are fields or blanks that can be completed by using tabs to select the field to be completed. Most forms that contain form fields are also locked, which means that the form cannot be modified.

It can only be completed. This feature is commonly used in official forms and other forms that are not to be modified by the user.

What Word documents do not have form fields and how are they used?

If the form does not have form fields and is not locked so that it can be modified, this simply means that the content of the form could be modified by the user. This does not mean that the form should be modified and you cannot assume that all unlocked forms may be changed.

It simply means that the form was not locked and it is physically possible to modify the form. Unlocked forms are very common in the legal field because many users need to modify the form content for their particular matter.

May a user request a form be added that they cannot find?


The user may use the Request Forms link and provide the name of the form needed.

What happens if I download a legal form that is rejected by the Court?

There is no guarantee or warranty, nor do you have any recourse if a form is rejected.

Although forms are updated regularly, there may be occasions when the form online is out of date for a period of time.

How do I see all forms under a particular category?

After you conduct a search, click on the category name displayed above the form titles to see all forms under a particular category.

After you click on the form title, you may also use the form category located on detail page to see all forms under the category of the form.

What are descriptions and law summaries?

After you click on a form title, you will be taken to a detail page. For most forms, the detail page contains information about the form, such as form category, and a description. The description is a brief statement about what the form contains. Law Summaries are also available for selected forms.

Law Summaries are generally statutory law that may relate to the form. You may also check the legal definitions for information about a particular matter.

What are "Court Samples"?

Court Samples are actual pleadings and documents filed in actual court proceedings, or official recording offices and are public record.

They are presented to provide examples of legal forms being used in your State. The forms are identified by the word "Court Sample" on the detail page after you click the form title.

How do I download the form to my computer?

Locate the form you need and click on the title of the form. This will take you to the detail page. The detail page contains information about the form. Look for the word "Download". Next to "Download" you will see the formats of the form available for downloading. Click on the format you need. Depending on how your computer is configured, the form will either open or you will be prompted to save or open the form.

If you save the form, be sure to note the location where the form is saved on the hard drive.

What happens if I have problems downloading my form?

If you have problems downloading a form, report the problem using the Contact Us link.

What if the form I download is not the correct form I need?

Forms available must be selected by you.

We do not assist you in selecting the correct forms.

Will I be able to make changes to the form?

Forms in Word format generally can be modified to suit your needs.

Official and selected other forms cannot be modified.

If the Word file is locked, you may not modify the form. PDF forms may be completed but not modified.

Will I only be able to use the form once?

You may use the form for your personal use, or for your clients if you are an attorney.

The form cannot be transferred to other persons for their use.

What if no format for downloading is available?

If a form does not have a format available for downloading please report the problem by clicking the Contact Us link and we will attempt to correct it.

Who is FormsPass®?

FormsPass® is a subsidiary of, a multi-faceted publishing company, which has pioneered Internet ventures geared toward the legal profession, businesses and the public since 1997. has been providing legal forms on the Internet since 1996, and is the nations leading publisher of state specific legal forms on the Internet.

How do I subscribe?

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