About Us

The Forms Professionals Trust®

Formspass® orginally began as a Legal Forms Subscription service supporting attorneys throughout the United States in 2004.

Since then, thousands of attorneys have subscribed and used our Professional Legal Forms Library service to support their practice needs.

Formspass® maintains direct Member Benefit relationships with Bar Associations and other leading internet legal suppliers.

In addition, FormsPass has expanded its reach into Public Libraries, Small Businesses/Entreprenuers, Real Estate Brokers/Agents and Others.

Maintained by the efforts of a professional legal and business staff, FormsPass® services our customers with the most comprehensive and highest quality forms for use throughout their work.

Corporate Information

USLegal, Inc. owns FormsPass® as well as other web sites which offer a variety of services including legal information, legal products, and legal forms.

USLegal, Inc. is a multi-faceted publishing company, which has pioneered Internet ventures geared toward the legal profession, business professionals and the public since 1997.

Much of the Company's success has been fueled by its website USLegalForms.com which offers state-specific legal forms.